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November 19, 2007
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Sassy Realism by EverlastingWolf Sassy Realism by EverlastingWolf
I better not've forgotten anything. x-x

Anyway, my first real attempt at realism! I think it's okay. I thought it was really good when I started, then I saw my friend's and was like "mine sucks D:"
I miss Sassy. D:
I started this yesterday and spent maybe 4 hours on it? spend about 3-ish hours on it today. A few distractions. Now I'm off to do my algebra homework!

Art & Sassy (c) me

Photo of her I took that I reffed off of:

I looked at a bigger version of course.
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oh and yes, i miss her too:(
omg! this is sooo amazing! dont u even think it sucks.... i knew sassy for 10 yrs and this is sooo perfect....:)
This is a very nice attempt.
But if I were to give some crits, I would say:
- Try not to borderline your piece, and then add tufts of fur, or like you did on the neck, just draw the fur in. Set your brush to the smallest possible diameter and create fur tufts by making small brush strokes in the direction the fur is going, using a sketch on a different layer as a guideline.
- Stick to the picture as much as possible. For example, you can see that in the picture, there is barely any neck visible! How is one supposed to just make a neck appear out of nowhere, without a refrence picture to look at? To avoid doing this, always always always make a rough sketch on a seperate layer so you know what you're doing when you start to colour!
- Pay attention to angles, shadows and shades. This always happens to me, and I end up ruining my picture. Just take a moment when creating the rough sketch to actually pay attention to what direction the, let's say, snout is going. It goes up, in the same angle as the eyes, in a nice 55 degree angle. This may seem irrelevent, but it ultimately creates the shadows which, in turn, create the shades. If we take another look at the picture, we would see that the largest and darkest shades are under and behind the ear. When creating your rough sketch, create big blothes for where your shadows will go. Also, try to figure out where the light source is coming from. In this case, it is from west to east. Now for shades. This is probably the hardest part: Figuring out what colours to use and where. Creating another layer, briefly colour in the darkest parts of the drawing, followed by the midtones and the hilights. Then add details!
I really hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch! I did have a sketch underneath. I should've just made that side smaller rather than making the neck longer. XD
I noticed the fur on the neck, too, after I submitted it, but I can't remember if I still have the version with all the layers saved? I'll keep it in mind for next time though! :3
I'll do the blotches of color for shading next time too. :)

Thanks again for the critique!
FawnyaFrolic Jan 10, 2008  Professional General Artist
That's a very VERY good attempt at realism. :3
- I really love Sassy's mouth.
And the lighting on her fur and nose is nicely-done. =)
Lovely work~! :heart:
DarknessWolf458 Nov 21, 2007   Photographer
I like it 83
poor sassey D8
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